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First of all, there is no “ultimate recipe” or prescription for “perfect healing”. Everybody’s body is different. Some of us bleed more than the others and coagulate slowlier or scab more. Everyone heals and peels at a different rate as well. You must observe your own body’s reactions throughout the healing process and adjust our General Tattoo Aftercare recommendations to your individual needs. Different tattoo artists and tattoo parlors have a different idea about the right or sufficient tattoo aftercare. You have to find the one fits for you best
Second of all, NOT THE OINMENT heals the wound, but your body. These man made elixirs only promots the healing and keeps the potecntial source of infections away. Your wound heals from inside out!!! Don’t forget this and don’t wait miricle if you treat your tattoo like “shit”.

We offer advice about two care options :

“GENERAL Tattoo Aftercare” is based on our long years of experience and exchanges with our customers and been proven for fitting best for most of the skintypes..

– The second care sheet is from a client from Las Vegas J. His detailed advice is based on his experience in caring for his tattoo’s while getting two full-size sleeves .

General Tattoo Aftercare


Vegas J Aftercare Recommendation