Tattoo Aftercare Sheet




This sheet is to advise you about the importance and methods of caring for your new tattoo.The after-care process is very important to the proper healing and ultimate “success” of your tattoo. We did a good job of creating your tattoo; please don’t mess it up by being lazy and not following these recommendations. A newly rendered tattoo needs special care :

First : wash your hands and apply the Hibiclens (antibacterial soap) over the tattooed area. The Hibiclens should remove all the unnecessary clotted blood-ink mixture along the potencial source of infections and keeps the tattoo moisturized at the same time. Rinse the area well with lukewarm (room temperature) runningwater. Don’t wash more than 2 times a day nor use the Hibiclens more than 3-4 days. I suggest keeping it in the bathroom and using it every time you take a shower. After cleaning the tattoo, pat dry and rub the Aquaphor Healing Ointment over the tattooed part of your skin. It helps to protect the sensitive skin and reduce irritation. Apply Aquaphour 3-4 times a day in a very light coat. Otherwise, you might get a reaction caused by the clogged skin pores.The skin needs to breathe. Applying the Aquaphor right will help to keep the skin sufrace soft and prevent infection and drying out. After the peeling period, you can start using our 100% natural Tattoo Lotion. By that time the skin surface over the tattoo should be healed and closed. A tattoo is much the same as a minor cut or any other skin surface injury. It is made up of thousands & thousands of pinpriscks, which will result in a scab or crust. If you let the crust to dry out or crack open and bleed, the blood may wash the ink out. In this case the tattooed design will appear freckled. This is not the tattoo artist ‘s fault. It is your responsibility to take care of the tattoo when it is fresh to maintain the applied pigmentation correctly.

The most important things to do ( and not to do ) for perfect healing are as follows:

– Remove bandage in 3 hours. Do not re-bandage ! The bandage may stick into the scab and reopen the scabbed skin surface. If fabric gets stuck to the tattooed area ( especially night time ), wet it and pull the cloth away slowly and gently.

– Do not soak the tattoo in water ! Do not swim or soak in a tub ! Soaking may result in freckling. Preferably, take a quick shower and apply Aquaphour.

– Avoid getting sunburned! This includes natural sun and tanning lamps too.This does not cause damage in the quality of tattoo; it’s just extremely painful. It adds to the discomfort and delays healing.

Note : Continue the above care until the scab begins to come off. This peeling process means that the underlying layer of skin is closed and no longer likely to be damaged by normal activity like washing. Itching is a sign of healing. The new “baby” skin beneath the scab is fragile and shouldn’t be scratched with fingernails. If you must “scratch”, rub the area lightly with your fingertips. The tattoo may also appear slightly blurry at first. As the skin strengthens and ages, the color and lines of the tattoo will become sharper. Depending on your skin type, the entire healing process may take 5-10 days. Some sensitive types of skin may develop irritation or react to the ointment. In this case substitute another kind of ointment or switch to our lotion. When healing is complete, your tattoo will require no further special care. The complete healing period, which allows all the damaged skin layers to build up and the body settles the ink down. may take up to 3-4 months.

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