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Christopher Lord - H.R.Giger Tribute
Full Sleeve : Spell I. on the top and Li II. wraps the forearm
Full Sleeve : Spell I. on the top and Li II. wraps the forearm
Full Sleeve : Spell I. on the top and Li II. wraps the forearm
Full Sleeve vertical View : Spell I. on the top and Li II. wraps the forearm
Full Sleeve vertical View : Spell I. on the top and Li II. wraps the forearm
Giger : Spell I. - Front and side view on the shoulder
Giger : Spell I. - Side view
Giger : Spell I. - Tricept part rotation
Giger : Spell I. - Close up on the top area
Giger : Li II. - Rotation view on the inside of the forearm
Giger : Li II. - Rotation view on the outside of the forearm
Li II.  facial part close up
Mixed pieces and perspectives
Ryan Tate - Call Sign : RONIN
Patriotic American Flag
Chest and Arm merging area
Marine on the Patrol in Iraq
Marine on the Patrol in Iraq
Close up on the M-16
Unit slogen in Arabic : Make Peace or Die
Collector: Bryan Gross  - Melancoly
Dove flight and lying down girl on the inside of the sleeve.
Collector: Ritch Mitchell  - Carpe Diem
Carpe Diem  is a phrase from a Latin poem by Quintus Horatius Flaccus more widely known as Horace, that has become an aphorism. It is popularly translated as - seize the day.
Overview of a MASS river run.
River run under the universe
Landscape close up, representing the love of nature
Aries zodiac in the night along with the lightning strike . Zodiac = birth sign , Lightning represents eletrician profession
Flying negatives, and eagle for freedom
Collector: Frank D  - Mechanical poetics
Gears & Words
 His Triumph s engine
Pocketwatch with floating numbers
Franks favorite poem from William Butler Yeats : The second coming. Frank s handwriting. The poem is about the falcon that turns and turns. His fingerprint along with his wife s are at the edges of the the paper with red accents.
Here the falcon comes! The front side of the shoulder.
Typewriter  and passing time... mechanical work as a  hobby
The sheet of typewriter is  saying : ... so it goes
Typewriter part representing his English teacher being and love for poetry - writing.
ARETE (pron.: /ˈærətiː/; Greek: ἀρετή), in its basic sense, means excellence of any kind.
Inside & Out.
Collector : Sean Little Red Ramos - Non Serviam - Half Leg Sleeve
Shin and Left Side View
Up Front View - Ruins, monastics
Outside View - The Cliff
Number VI.
No Angels Shall Pass
Transition from back to front
Collector: Mr. Crane - Native Blood Sleeve
Inside part of the sleeve in full length
The sleeve in full vertical rotation
Lee Bogle - The Promise Paitning Reproduction - Representation of Beauty
Kirby Sattler - I am Crow - Indian Chief - Painting reproduction
Frank C. McCarthy - Out of The Rising Mist - Painting Reproduction
Frank C. McCarthy - Out of The Rising Mist - Painting Reproduction
Howlin Wolf
Unknown Artist - Buffaleo Huntt - Painting Reproduction
Unknown Artist - Buffaleo Huntt - Painting Reproduction
Shoulder Top Front View
Shoulder Top Middle View
Shoulder Top Back View
Cougar - Representing wild nature in the mountains
Collector : Pascale Parisien - Ornament Improvisation
Collector : Joseph Ferrante - The Machine Inside
Black Ball, Pulled Back Skin
Circuit Board spiced up with personal meanings, Zodicac and dates
Glowing Trioda sticks out of circuit board
Full size close up
Another Close up to see the negative spaces
Mix up inside and out
Collector : Peter Giovagnoli -  Biohazard Storm
Full Sleeve - Biohazard Storm - Inside Rotation
Full Sleeve - Biohazrd Storm - Front Rotation
Full Sleeve - Biohazrd Storm - Tricept Area
Exploding globe with the flying off panels. Panel symbols represent personal meanings.
San Marino Seal on the center panels representing his origin.
Mutated moshrooms and infected roots are growing out of the seed.
Radioactive radiation caused abnormal root and mushroom grow. She is trying to read the future.
Contanimated roots carry the and feed the embio-fetus with the rottenness, determined its later life.
Little altered and embedded Paul Booth painting reproduction of Life Sentence.
Angels of Death
Gate keeper soldiers
Mixed views
Collector :  Crazy Jeff Todaro - Ink Addiction crossed with OCD
Full Sleeve - Ink Addiction crossed with OCD
Collector : John Bovasso - Requiem
The son under the Saint's  protection
Rest in Peace
Padre Pio and a little Dom
Sparrow and Flowers
Collector : A.B.- Ghost Spirits
Ghost above  the Colossium
Gladiator with his lucky number XIII.
Clolossium : the place of death or life
Helmet  and thrown away weapons represent freedom and surviving
Luis Royo : Fallen Angel  - Painting reproduction
Luis Royo : Fallen Angel  - Painting reproduction
The bottom of the arm
Collector : Chris D. - Beksinski Merge
Bottom merge from two reference paintings, Initial on the side of the Cradle: D.
Top merge from another two reference paintings.
Using the outline of the painting as the frame of the tattoo
Collector : Russ Iurato - Disturbing The Peace
This is not the Vatican or Istambul ...  but CAESAR LAND  - [Disturbing The Peace]
Turn away scene  - [Disturbing The Peace]
Empire Water Fall  - [Disturbing The Peace]
Palaces  - [Disturbing The Peace]
Distant Mountains  - [Disturbing The Peace]
Intruders  - [Disturbing The Peace]
Attacking the Empire Palace  - [Disturbing The Peace]
Pissed off  dragon leader  - [Disturbing The Peace]
Collector : Chunyee NG - Zdzislaw Beksinski Tribute
Painting reproduction 1 - Clarinet guy
Painting reproduction 2 - The Tower
Paiting reproduction 3. - Pierced
Collector : Georgina Katona - Sloven Landscape
Petek 13 = Friday 13th her day of birth
Collector : Stan Andreyev - Pandora s Box :  Per Gullarp Artwork Reproduction
Pandora with her little secretive Box on the inside of the forearm
The smoke starts forming evil creatues
Middle Section - Guts and balls out!
Top Part - Shoulder area
Entire outside part
Collector : RoMan - Armor
Clasps on the leather base and metal plate
Double Headed Roman Eagle with Athen abriviation on the botton and Macedon Sun on the top
The outside of the armor
Middle Piece with the Forearm Armor
Bottom part
Middle Piece - close up
Collector : Vincenzo Ragusa - Soulless half Sleeve
Collector : Mr. Pale Thomas Fish - Bocklin Elevated Sleeve
The inside part of the sleeve
Full Sleeve outside view
Shoulder part on the front view
Shoulder part on the back view
The transition between abstract and Bocklin
Tricept area
Arnold Bocklin : The Isle of the Dead - Painting Reproduction
Rotation on the panoramic painting reproduction
The outside part of the forearm
Collector : Enrico Montagna - Hell on Earth Sleeve
The sleeve inside view
Enrico s GUN
Collector : Enrico Montagna & his 7even Sins Half Sleeve
The Guys on the Outside
Biceps Area
Biceps Area
The tough inside arm area
From the Front and Behind
Sin 1ne : ENVY -  on the Ticeps
Sin 2wo : WRATH
Sin 3hree : GREED - right on the top of the biceps
Sin 4our : LUST
Sin 5ive : PRIDE - on the very top and outside of the arm
Sin 6ix : SLOTH - on the inner elbow area - easy ride
Sin 7even : GLUTONNY - The Fat  Guy around the painless Armpit Area
Collector : Dante Lopez Hernandez
The strecthed canvas with maggots
The underlying biomechanical part , tightened by ropes
The first,starting part of the sleeve : painting reproduction
Top View of the sleeve
Collector : Daniel Harsadi
Brooklyn Bridge in rotation
The pull part of the tattoo
Collector : Salvatore Magro - Frank Frazetta & Chet Zar Tribute Sleeve
Frank Frazetta paintings in black and white & Chet Zar Paintings
Full Sleeve Inside Part
Full Sleeve Outside Part
Frank Frazetta : Death Dealer II.
Chet Zar : Rusting, painting reproduction & his logo as a Signature
Chet Zar : Sister, painting reproduction
Chat Zar : Black Magic, painting reproduction
Frank Frazetta : Sacrifice, painting reproduction on the inside of the arm
Mixed views, Chet Zars 5 and his logo , Frazetta signature
Collector : Jeffrey - Crazy - Todaro
This is the spine and a little window on the elbow with the spine cord. Needles inject the darkness into  it
The bottom part of the forearm with the dark craziness
The trapped face with leaking poisonous fumes and attached brain sucking tools.
Top of the forearm. Needles, tubes & vertebra
The transition between inside and outside of the forearm
Collector : Katalin Morocza
Mother Nature with the Chackra energie points on the human body
Let s call that : Bicept area :-)
Dragonfly on the inside
Tricept area
Tricept area
Baroque ornamentica represents the complexity of nature
Spirling up Butterflies symbolize  Air  and the Water as elements of existence
Atom  as smallest unit on the earth and a close up for feeling the proportions and measurements
Mountain : earth as additional element and a back view of the half sleeve
Collector : Roberto Patriarca
The Sleeve Outside wiev with Lady Justice, Justice Scale and the Evil Side
The Inside View with the angel ,Globe and Snake
The Angel : Doughters name on the ribbon wrapped around the angel: Romina and Sabrina
The Evil side. Hour Glass and Flying roman numbers represents the passing time.Broken justice scale
Lady Justice & the Universe with the Earth
The inside area wth a little nagative space play
Couple of mixed close ups form the sleeve
Well, this is the before and after piece
Collector : Jeremiah A. Alias Vegas J.
The Thinker
Left Sleeve - The Stone side - Pegan s Oltar and  Poison Ivy-s
Left Sleeve on The Outside View
Pegan s Oltar and the running Poison Ivy s all around it
Rotation View about the Engraved Plaque
The Blowing Smoke part on th Bicept Area
The Transition between Pegans Oltar and Plaque
Right Sleeve - The Armor Side -
The Goat Skull represent the God of Fight and the Skin Pull
Transition between The Armor an the inside
The Armor on the outsde of the Right Forearm
The Armor on the Bicept
Armor on the Tricept Area
Here is the WHOLE thing
Collector : Natalia Liaszkiewicz
Skulls & Vines
Broiling Pot & The Goat
The Key Girl
Key Girl and Vines
Roots and Vines
Collector : Salvatore Magro - Death Dealer II. Painting Reproduction
Frank Frazetta - Death Dealer II. reproduction
Collector : Grzegorz Kogut - Biomechanical Filler with Bazilisek
Birth of The Freehand Filler Part
Finished  piece
The front merge and a close up
Collector : Darrick Ryser and his XII. Century Icon Reproduction
Icon   -   Redproduction
Collector : Janos Tukarcs alias Mohawk & his No Name Sleeve
Mohawk s Sleeve
Rotation view from behind
Another view
Another view
The Bad Hanya
Some Exposed Muscle
Top Part View
Top Part View
The Mean Hanya
The Good Hanya on the Inside
The Armor Part
The wrist, inner forearm and Elbow area
Collector : Peter M.
This is the Before & After next to each other
The Fix Up Part on the outsede
Tricep Area
The inside Area
Here we go!
The arch of the Biceps! :-)
Biceps Area
Collector : Anthony Galvan
The Cover Up Part
The Cathedral Window
Dominican Seal
Dominican Sleeve
His Daugher's Initial carved in Stone
Painting Reproduction - Raymond Swanland  - Fallen Angels
Painting Reproduction - Raymond Swanland  - Fallen Angels
Collector : Tamas Nagy alias Tomi Gyerek
Triump Sleeve - St.Michael Vs  Lucipher.The GOOD Conquers EVIL.  Designed by Caesar for Franco.
The inside part of The Triumph half sleeve.
The outside part of The Triumph half sleeve.
Collector : Franco
Family Crest - Designed by Caesar
Collector : William Omeara
Painting Reproduction - Boris Vallejo - Vampire s Kiss
Collector : Danet Lopez Hernandez
Blade Stuff
Dragon with Lightning Bolt
The Cover Up Part
Collector : Ali Kibar
Symbolism - Spider is the patient Dad & the flowers represents the protected family members.
Collector : Alen Radoncic
Collector : Tamas Nagy alias Tomi Gyerek
Sleeve Outside Part
Hungarian Sleeve - Forearm Inside - He had that piece before
 Hungarian Sleeve - Forearm Outside
Boris Vallejo - First Love - Painting Reproduction  -  Left Tigh
The manish Warrior part of ours and the soft  feminim Geisha
The Bridge between parts
Add around a year later - Shin Area
Add around and merging in - Calf
Witch King - Lord of the Ring Half Sleeve
Minas Tirith, the White City - Triceps Area
Minas Tirith, the White City - Armpit  Area
Mixed Smaller ones
Armor design by Caesar
Boris Vallejo Drawing - Modified a bit by Caesar
Biomechanism by Caesar
In Progress
Geisa Portrait
Combination of Two Paintings: Boris Vallejo - Surrender & Raymond Swanland - Fallen Angel (background)
Tina Doyle & Her Horse Tiki - Right Thigh                      Cave Man  & His Father - Rib Cage
Julie Bell  - Golden Dragon - Painting Reprodiction - Right Thigh
Boris Vallejo - Mayan Serpent  - Painting Reproduction - Calf
Frank Frazetta - Death Dealer III. - Painting Reproduction
Hajime Sorayama - Angel - Painting Reprodiction -
Himself as Terminator - Tribal 7
Tribal Design by Caesar
Brain Fart by Caesar
Ed Big Daddy Roth on Calf
Von Dutch on the ugly Cave Man's Calf