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Caesar Tattoo is located in the heart of East Village..



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Hello there,

Due to keep my clients integrity and dedicate all my attention and artistic inspiration to them I take only one client a day. The way I can assure this happening I work BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

If you happen to be in the neighborhood and want just to walk in… you can but it has a high probability that I can not take care of you beside giving you my card and asking you to e-mail me with your idea and we go from there.

As I’m a one man company the shop is closed when I’m not there, so I can’t respond to phone calls either.

Beside all of this I travel quite a lot also…  BEST WAY TO GET A HOLD ON ME is E-MAIL even if I’m overseas… usually I have access to my emails almost in a daily bases… so keep bugging me.

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