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Guest Artist : Kibaszott Bence
- from HUNGARY -

Guest Artist - Kibaszott Bence,HUNGARY
Sept 17th - 30th, 2015

I'm proud to announce the Extremely Talented Multiple award winner New School Tattoo artist :

Kibaszott Bence owner of Stay Weird Tattoo

Bence is a on the road Tattoo Artist most of the time. He doesn't have any headquater but does Guest Spot all over the world from Serbia, Sweden, England, Germany, Norway, Switzherland  just a few from the list. Now he is back to his favorite city New York.

Kibaszott Bence is specialized for new school and neo traditional style on his unique way. If you are a big fan of black bold outlines and smooth colors transitions, this is your opportunity to book a day with him in NEW YORK!

He charges $180 per hour. His is booking up quite quickly, so don't miss the opportunity to get an appointment with him. He sets his appointments on a first come, first served basis. Take your time and check out his colorful portfolio. Please understand that he DOES NOT TATTOO LETTERING, TRIBAL, etc. All inquiries preffered to run through emails.

Your email must contain significant information regarding the piece you wish to get done by him. Inadequate information in your email, and a slow response time from his email, can result in you not getting tattooed in his very limited visiting time.

1. Your name, age, email address, city, state, phone number, and skin tone are required in your email.
2. Approximate time frame when you are available to get the tattoo done during his guest spot period.

3. The placement and the sizing you have in mind.
4. A detailed description of the project, supported by digital references, attached to the email.

Kibaszott Bence's Deposit Policy

Kibaszott Bence requires a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $180 to reserve and schedule his appointment time with you. This can be done with cash or a money order which you can drop off at Caesar Tattoo, Paypal transfer is another way for a deposit but ALL electronic transaction includes additional surcharges. This amount includes the first sketch/drawing and assures your reserved time with him. He expects 72 hours’ notice to keep your deposit running. In case of no show, no call... the deposit is kept as a set up fee.


Please be advised that not all tattoos are accepted. Bence is looking to do his very best on you, so if your idea doesn't match his style, or he can't bring it to life correctly, he may not take on your project.

For more information about his artwork and schedule, please visit his official website :

If you have any further question please feel free to contact us at :

Thank you!