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I DO NOT touch anybody under the age of 18. Regardless if the parent or legal guardian is present! Tattooing of a minor under the age of 18 is prohibited by law in the state of New York.


Deposit Policy

Any design process, drawing or tattoo work will have a minimum of 10 hours tattoo work and $500 deposit. In case of multiple days in a row reservation (for out of state/country customers) the required deposit is $250/day. For example: taking 3 days in a row requires 3x $250 for securing those days. This amount covers the first two hours of tattooing and comes off from the total cost of the tattoo. In addition, it makes the project get going and secures your time with CAESAR. Charge runs with the tattooed hours as we go. No flat rates! If you can't make the scheduled appointment for any reason,we require a minimum of 72 hours notice prior to the appointment. If we are not contacted in the allotted time the deposit will be kept as a set up fee.

- No design process begins until the deposit is paid in full -

*** All Payments are NON-REFUNDABLE ***

The process of a Custom tattoo is usually two steps. The first is a consultation when we discuss the ideas and possibilities for your tattoo. The customer leaves a deposit for the drawing and will get a rough sketch for approval of the "composition" and content. In case of a distance problem all of this happens through the phone & email. When the final image is okay with the last details, we set up an appointment for step two, the actual tattooing. Final drawing will not leave the shop for any circumstances, either electronically, nor physically. Sorry!

Unfortunately you are not able to attach or upload files from here just yet... thus you need to send all of your reference pictures and files from your email client to caesar at

Thank You